How to Start a Successful Bootcamp Fitness Class

10 Tips on How to Start A Successful Bootcamp Fitness Class


You just completed your CPT or equivalent certified and want to launch your very own bootcamp. Here are some questions to ask yourself while brainstorming the right plan of attack.

  1. Is there a need?

    Most individuals get certified and immediately love the whole concept of being “self-employed.” Once they figure out that bootcamps are a huge source of revenue due to time efficiency, it’s as if the bootcamps randomly pop-up everywhere. One thing that should definitely be considered prior to the formation of a camp, is if your area even has a need. With the personal training community constantly growing, it doesn’t make sense to host a camp in an area with many other companies, unless you have a pre-constructed network in your niche.

  2. Do you have a network?

    After considering if the area you wish to grow your bootcamp in has a need for yet another fitness program (if there is even one), another thing to start developing is your network and outreach. Without already growing your audience interest and line of communication, it makes launching a bootcamp just that much more difficult. I would highly recommend finding multiple social media and community platforms in which to gather interest and feedback.

  3. What kind of location meets the needs of the audience?

    Now that you have taken the time to build the interest and assess the demand of your specific bootcamp, it’s time to consider location or building options. The reason I don’t normally recommend this in the beginning, is honestly you could use just about any parking lot, public park, or grassy area you could find. Based on the feedback and interest you receive, start considering what those individuals would enjoy. You should take factors like weather, equipment access, parking access, childcare or play area options, and permit requirements into account as you brainstorm service sites.

  4. Do you have the equipment to meet the audience demand & potential growth?

    So you wanted to start a bootcamp and… well now equipment begins to cross your mind. Well what can’t a couple of resistance bands, kettlebells, and agility ladders can’t fix? With equipment, you must keep in mind how many individuals are interested or sign up, age of clients, style or format of bootcamp exercises, and net profit of the camp. Net profit needs to be assessed in regards to purchasing equipment as the camp grows in size and exposure.

  5. Do you know the pricing points based on demographics?

    As a business owner, you need to be aware of the cost of living and average living income of the population around you. If individuals are making $20-40k a year max, it would not make sense to run bootcamps at $50 per training session, especially in a group setting. Take into account how much individuals can afford, and if cutting the price is worth attracting more individuals and growing by word of mouth.

  1. Who is your closest competition?

    I know,… who cares what your competition is doing.. right? Wrong. In my personal opinion, I believe that you can capitalize on marketing and promotional strategies that your competition is weak at. Yes, you can always do the same job as them yet better, but if you present a new and trending experience that someone hasn’t seen 1,000 times, it could pull more eyes in your direction.

  2. Can you provided additional value without extra cost?

    This is one of the most important concepts that so many individuals are slacking on. PROVIDING MORE VALUE.

    Such a huge factor for the success rate of so many businesses, that the ones that grow are already implementing this. A few ideas that could be additional to your camp without breaking your wallet might be free electronic workout plans with the registration of your camp, pdf nutrition guide, stretching routine, access to facebook group page, etc. Get creative and add some perks to joining your camp!

  3. Do you have a duration time frame in mind?

    Yes, some of us would love to run bootcamps year round, but unfortunately people don’t like to work without having an end goal in mind. Do you start your work day every day without knowing that you will get to sleep that night? No. You need to know that there is an end to the madness. Same concept with bootcamps. Throw in short spurts of 4, 6, 8, 12 week bootcamps. You can even give each one a different theme or format.

  4. Do you have a theme and/or marketing strategy?

    We just discussed marketing strategies to capitalize on competition weakness and themes to attract the right audience. Now, one thing to consider is if the theme you select would make the audience you are wanting to attract gravitate over to your registration form. Another thing to consider is if the marketing strategies are not only new and trending, but also concepts that are related to the audience that will see those posts. Understand your audience, what their problems are, and then FIX THEM!

  5. Do you have a referral & discount system?

    You are ready to launch, get things rolling, then realize that you don’t have a system to bring in new clients after the 1st wave of participants. Take time to construct effective and encouraging referral systems to create your own funnel system.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. The information does not address specifics per individual question, as our services provide you with the one on one consulting option to discuss how you can construct each key factor to starting your own successful bootcamp.

Information provided by Jabai Performance’s PT Mastermind Academy


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