The Reality of Being An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a booming career path with the upcoming Millennial Generation. With this being said, I want you, the reader, to explore what the journey of entrepreneurship really entails, in efforts to create a dialogue of your thoughts and experiences in your specific industry.


Make Friends With Stress

stressCongratulations. You made the decision to stress over the growth and development of a newborn business that lives or dies based on every action you take. Being a business owner, especially as a small business start-up, requires a lot of construction of foundations of company systems and structures. Unless you have established funding and pre-established staff personnel, you are now responsible to raise this baby of a company on your own. Time to grow up, man up, and be the father (or mother). Get use to stressing about the progression of your child.

Eat Shit For Years

clean-863691_960_720Most of you made the decision to “be your own boss” because you got tired of listening to the commands of someone else, hated being on someone else’s schedule, dreaded working in your previous work environment, or some other random reason. Guess what, sometimes in life you have to deal with those issues to learn the skills necessary to form your own business, build a network through the audience of a current job, or become one step closer to being mentored by the right individual. You might hate shining shoes, fetching someone’s coffee, or cleaning up after someone.. But in the end, if that allows you to become one step closer toward building your business, then suck up your pride and be the best shoe shiner you can be!

Building Funds By Building Up Someone Else

money-2724241_960_720Unless you were given funds/grants to open a practice or business, more than likely you are or have had to save up funds in efforts to launching your business. It is going to take years of working for someone else, helping them fill their wallet, before you will have enough saved up to work on your own dreams. Give all you can to build up the other person, and you will realize just how much that person can actually help you in return.

Social Media Is Saturated, Be Unique

tree-200795_960_720Everyone wants to be the “next big thing” on social media. It’s time to realize how saturated everything has become on the web and find what truly sets you apart. You have to find your niche, understand the problem of the audience, solve the problem, then provide that solution. Even that being said, you have to promote your campaign strategically so it doesn’t come across as just another similar company within your industry.

Invest In Your Health

physiotherapy-595529_960_720Being a business owner takes a huge toll on you. I rarely acquire 8 hours of sleep, although I should. I rarely have a stress free weekend, although I know I should. I rarely have a weekend to do absolutely anything I want unrelated to work, although I know I should. There is a lot I know I need to invest into more. I don’t have any excuses. But I want to share my experiences, and recommend you set aside time for your health. Invest in proper rest, hydration, nutrition, physical activity, and stress relief activities. Invest in yourself.

Friends Come and Go

runners-635906_960_720The time it takes to sleep, work a “standard” job, workout (invest in your health), and then work on your business, leaves very little time to just run around. Sometimes individuals that don’t see eye to eye with us on our journey, only see the quick glimpse of a picture right in front of them. People can take your investment into your business as a personal insult on eliminating time spent with them. You can only hope that your friends understand how much time and energy it takes to develop a company, along with all the other internal and external stresses you might be facing.

If They Had Your Mindset, They Would Be In Your Shoes

brown-shoes-1150071_960_720As we begin to invest in mentoring, training, and hopefully hiring team members, more stress begins to pile up. Sometimes individuals that we seek to carry out tasks with the same ambition and drive as we have don’t hold up to your standard. This shouldn’t be seen as a flaw in their character or as an insult on your leadership skills. Understand that your dream to run a successful business might not be the goal of any of your employees. Most individuals are usually working to receive a paycheck to pay bills. You have to capitalize on the strengths of your staff, embrace the weaknesses, and encourage a positive and driven work ethic.

Play Nice, But Never Stupid

action-3435773_960_720People can take advantage of you if you enter any industry blind and naive.  You have to embark on this journey both strong and confident in your trade. With this being said, help build relations, grow your network, establish alliances, and be kind to everyone you encounter. The goal is to never burn bridges. Take the time to build others up. While you focus on your goals, also lend a hand to those that might need to be uplifted. Realize that not everyone in the industry is out to get you. But, also know that most of your competitors also love to see you slip and mess up. Understand when to lend a hand, and when to make a move.

Good Things Don’t Always Happen To Good People

filmmaker-2838945_960_720.jpgYou are gonna run around, bust your ass, and believe that something good is gonna have to come from all of your hard work. You are gonna want to hold on to the belief that good things ALWAYS happen to good people. But in the world of business, sometimes people just want to see your company burn. You have to play the game strategic, line up your network, establish referral funnels, grow your audience, and most importantly BE YOURSELF. Just because you are a good person, doesn’t mean good things will happen to you. On the flip side, being true to yourself makes your goals and success so much easier to achieve. In the end, fight for what you believe in, and nothing is impossible to achieve.

Sometimes Business and Family Doesn’t Mix

familyWhen growing your very own business, you might find it hard to resist bringing your family into the picture. Maybe you want to bring one of your family members into the company as an employee or to manage a specific department. It will become difficult to not mention small business achievements, team discussions, progression updates, or anything that has to do with the development of your company to your family. Understand that business shouldn’t consume your discussions with family, and from experience, it is best to completely separate the two. The last thing you want is for business to be the center of a family conflict. Make time for both family and your company. Invest in those that truly matter the most.


At the end of the day, being an entrepreneur isn’t always (but can be) a very difficult, lonely, and stressful journey full of obstacles. It is up to you and how you overcome those obstacles that shape you and define you as an individual. Not all aspects of entrepreneurship sound so cold, but we tend to glorify the “career path” as a golden route, when in reality the journey can be full of struggles. I hope you, as a viewer, read this and it begin a discussion with yourself on your decisions to start your own company, or you are able to relate with each point made.


Whether you have began this journey, or are debating to begin, feel free to reach out to us via comment and we can collaborate on our experiences.

Never feel like you are in this battle alone.

Let’s make it together.




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One thought on “The Reality of Being An Entrepreneur

  1. Nailed it! You’re a walking example of all that has been suggested above! It’s rare to see the drive you have in your generation. You’re different because of your wisdom and consistency in riding the wave of hardships! It’s the glory in the grind!


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