10 Ways On How To Retain Clients As An Existing Business

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

– Voltaire

August 27, 2019


10 Ways On How To Retain Clients

There are countless ways in which businesses can not only attain clientele, but retain it as well.

Below follow 10 examples that may aid you in your business from a variety of angles.

Some of these suggestions are simpler than others, but none is so overly complex that it shouldn’t be at least considered at length.

#1 – Gift Boxes Or Bags

There are a variety of ways that you can show appreciation for customers; gift boxes or gift bags are two of these.

Amazon provides easy-shipper black boxes which could be used to show your appreciation to your customers. These gift bags and gift boxes could include T-shirt, Ebooks, starter packs, stickers, coffee cups, pens, keychain, clothing, etc. This allows the customer to see not only that you care about their business, but you are willing to show your appreciation in a variety of ways.

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#2 – Branded T-Shirts Or Apparel

Sending customers Branded T-Shirts or Apparel builds value when customers receive this.

Not only does this (1) promote your brand, but doing this (2) also allows your brand name to achieve wider recognition.

#3 – Referral Kickbacks or Commission

Giving customers kickbacks via referrals or commissions is a simple way to show your appreciation that can solidify loyalty to a great degree.

Likewise, customers will not only continue supporting your business for a much longer period, but could add significant word-of-mouth referrals that would probably not take place if this idea was employed.

#4 – Discounts On Future Purchases

Customer discounts is works similar to #3, though it is coupled directly to customers themselves, rather than those that could be referred therein.

This not only encourages brand loyalty, but if carried out thoughtfully, could really snowball into significant growth depending on how those discounts are employed. For instance, one idea small business could follow is giving a 1% discount after the first purchase, with additional 1% discounts stacking on top. So while the second purchase might only net the buyer 1%, the eleventh purchase would net them 10% off, and so on. Of course, this discount is capped at a certain point, but it encourages incredible long term loyalty, that doesn’t sacrifice too much profit up front, but also rewards your most loyal customers over time simultaneously.

#5 – Exclusive Contents Or Perks

Exclusive content could be anything from educational to informative content, though it can certainly extend to much broader ideas.

These could perhaps extend to research papers, articles, and so on. Concurent with that, this could also include exclusive videos, group chats, and the like.

#6 – Recognition On Social Media Platform

Taking pictures with customers or clients and promoting those who support your work shows the world not only your appreciation for others, but how those individuals have impacted your life not just as a business, but as a person. Such an in-depth approach can really make a different in connecting with others and building community.

#7 – Free Services & Items Based On Loyalty

Giving customers free services at times, or free items, not only helps customer retention and encourages brand loyalty, but allows others to see that you’re willing to give something back to those that support your business.

#8 – Inviting Some Of The Clientele To Your Business

There are two main ways that one could show a client a business. The first of these could be done in person, and the second via a video.

Given that many people are intrigued with how certain business operate, this allows them to observe the business from an insider’s perspective, but also allows an in-depth view that is appreciated by some to a greater extent, much more than one would think in many instances.

#9 – Offering To Pay For Outside Services

Offering to pay for outside services could be done in a variety of ways. Before moving on though, there is a significant difference between pure professionalism and doing something for personal gain.

For instance you are a male, never be that person that invites a female out for personal gain, merging business with pleasure, when each belongs separately.

Now, whether ultimately acted upon or not, considerations should usually be made to show appreciation for others at certain times that have helped you in business, whether directly by being a customer, mentor, and so on, or indirectly through other avenues like referrals.

As an example, this can be done through dinner, attending a sporting event, a golf outing, as well as other ways. Having families spend time together could also be a great idea.

#10 – Promote Client Services

Only promote a client’s services if you truly believe in it. Stick to what you believe resonates with you the most.

This (1) helps your business relationships, (2) strengthens community, (3) helps grow their business, (4) shows that you care, and also (5) has the ability to help grow your business as well through word of mouth.

Final Thoughts

There are many considerations that can and should be given on how to retain clients. The simplest one is just showing your appreciation, and doing it constantly. How you do that is your choice, but a choice that should be pondered at length given crucial importance of it and the potentiality of it.

Never underestimate the power of appreciation, whether it is in business or life, for certain instances, though seemingly inconsequential at times, can strengthen relationships to a much greater extent than they are given credit, and also helps show others part of what you and your business are ultimately about.


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Top 4 Ways Small Businesses Can Finance Wellness Programs

If you think a thing is impossible, you’ll only make it impossible.”
– Bruce Lee

Programs that benefit a variety of causes are something individuals and organizations can create in order to support certain ideas. To get these programs of the ground it often takes funding and support. Funding of myriad types are a vital option that all individuals have in order to fund a particular program. Knowing how to go about raising funds is imperative to accomplishing the funding and support that a program would need in order to get off the ground. As such, researching what options are available should be the vanguard point to be accomplished.

Some of the ways that programs can be funded are the following:

business-3152586_960_720(1) Grants – Grants are a possible way that funds can be raised to benefit specific causes. Grants come in many types, and each have their own set of idiosyncrasies and to-do’s that need to be followed in order for the process to begin. One great benefit of grants is that the process to get grants is usually straight forward and very streamlined. This makes grants a reasonable option not to be overlooked when considering funding for a particular program.

money-652560_960_720(2) (Institutional) Requests – Seeking funds from organizations and/or corporations is another viable option for the funding of programs. However, whereas grants have a rather straight forward approach for those that seek funding, requests from organizations and business is more complex. Simply getting a proposal seen, yet alone considered by an organization or company will require a tactful, thought-out and persistent approach. Given that funding is a resource that many individuals and organizations are seeking, odds are whatever proposal one might have when it is brought to the table might be competing with other proposals for those seeking funding as well. Be that as it may, organizations and companies usually have significant resources, and given their financial latitude a request carried out in the correct manner could net significant results.


donate-654328_960_720(3) Donations – Seeking funding via donations is one time-tested way that is an option on the table. There is no limit from which to draw ideas to seek funding from; your imagination is the limit. Donations can be requested from various sources, be them local, national, friends, family, community, colleagues, organizations and institutions, so on and so forth. An honest and conscientious approach is crucial, and perseverance is key.

(4)adult-3725715_960_720 Fundraising – There are many ways in which fundraisers can take place in order to raise the resources required to fuel a program of a given nature. Some of the ways that fundraising can take place are via sales of merchandise (t-shirts, artwork, etc.), community events (garage sales, dances, gaming tournaments, BBQs, etc.), sports tournaments (put-put golf, bowling, basketball, etc.), and so on. There are no limits from which to draw ideas from, and as such, fundraising should be a core component considered for providing the fuel to certain programs.

One significant component that should not be overlooked in funding programs is social interaction – truly heartfelt individual interaction. We live in an age where social media has considerably curtailed the capabilities of certain individuals to interact in a sociable way. In some circles, even being sociable might get askance glances given how much people are glued to phones. Keeping in mind individuals, who they are, where they come from, their backgrounds, their passions and the like, are all parts of a heart-felt approach to getting to know someone.

Why is this important? Because people support programs not only for what they seek to accomplish, but more importantly, for the individuals behind them, who they are and what they stand for. Moreover, individuals will keep coming back for these very reasons due to the trust garnered periodically. These relationships built and forged with appreciation and honesty stand to grow considerably stronger over time. This makes relationship building a core component in raising funds for any program. The opposite side of the coin is seeking funds in a cold-call interaction type-way, which is already at a disadvantage given the lack of all the aforementioned points. This makes building value in relationships a must-do.

Whatever path you opt to take, keep in mind that perseverance is key, but more importantly, a strong mindset is significant to accomplishing your goal. Setbacks will take place, issues will no doubt arise, but those that stay the course and continue with consistency will undoubtedly accomplish the goals they seek.


About Written By: Zy Marquiez

Writer, Researcher, Book Reviewer

Owner Of Blocked Up